Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Table for One

Welcome to the very first post of my new blog!

I have decided to start this blog because... well, because it's the first day at work after the New Year and I'm seriously unmotivated.

But aside from that, how many times have you heard your friends moan about how hard it is to cook interesting, healthy meals for one? Come to think about it, how many times have you moaned about it yourself?

It sometimes seems that if you live alone, you can either waste massive amounts of food cooking new stuff each day, eat the same meal for days on end, or subsist on a never-ending line of takeout and junk food snacks.

Well, there are alternatives. They take a bit of work and organisation, but I promise, if you put in the initial hard yards, eventually you will be cruising along and enjoying fresh, home cooked and healthy food every night with an absolute minimum of fuss, waste and time.

How do I know? well, I'm almost there. Note the ALMOST! :) I have slip ups and bad days. well, bad weeks actually. And last month wasn't so hot but who eats well in December? But like I said, I'm almost there. I just need to fine tune the plan a little.

So, here's a blog to pass on the tips I've learned, gather a few new ones from all my lovely readers, and document my journey towards the perfect single diet.

So, Welcome, Dear Reader. My kitchen is always open, pull up a chair, get comfy and make yourself at home.


1 comment:

Suzanne said...

I eat well in December... too well! ;)
Best of luck. I found your website from a link on CK and look forward to reading more.