Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Raison D'etre

Raison D'Etre (french) A basic, essential purpose; a reason to exist......

So, why, you are asking, do I feel it is necessary to cook every single night? to organise my kithchen with such ruthless efficiency and force myself to spend my precious time slaving away over hot appliances? I mean, I have a good job, I can afford to eat out right?

Of course, the reason is the same as more than 80% of the population right now. I'm overweight.
Yes, I am a 30-something, single, fat chick. How sad. Bridget Jones has nothing on me. I wish to be thin. I wish it with all my heart. I wish to be one of those sexy, glowing-with-health women you see running along the beach in the Kellogg's ads. I wish to look in the mirror every morning and smile, then wink at that sexy woman and walk out the door with a spring in my step.

Most of all, I wish to go to next years family Christmas party and NOT walk out with the knowledge that behind me everyone in the room is whispering "Gee, Ness's put on a bit of weight!"

Generally, I am a happy person. I have a great job, I have a few, very close and very good friends. I have a loving family and a nice house near the beach, and plenty of time for myself.

So, this is my goal for 2008. I will lose 20kgs this year. As one of the lovely ladies at calorie king said just recently, "This is my last summer as a fat person!"

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